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The Heart of America Cluster of shows will be held on March 8 – 11, 2018. Cluster clubs for this show are the Heart of America Kennel Club and the Leavenworth Kennel Club.

Specialty shows are offered by:

Heart of America Poodle Club, Inc.
Yorkshire Terrier of Gr Kansas City
Heartland Dalmatian Club of Gr KC
Gr Kansas City Shetland Sheepdog Club
Heart of America Samoyed Club
Heartland French Bulldog Club
Heart of Amer Germ Shorthaired Pointer
Kansas City Collie Club, Inc.

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Page 1 (Affenpinschers – Doberman)
Page 2 (English Setter – Pembroke Welsh Corgi)
Page 3 (Petits Bassets Griffons Vendeens – Yorkshire Terrier)










The Heart of America Kennel Club is an all-breed kennel club comprised of canine breeders, exhibitors, and owners located in Kansas City, Missouri and the surrounding area in Missouri and Kansas. The club was organized in late 1947 and was incorporated in Missouri as a “non-profit” organization on January 8, 1948.

It was accredited by the American Kennel Club that same year
and held its first all-breed show on February 27, 1949.


HOAKC Contact Information

Breeder Referral
Mary Estrin     (816) 942-2427

Membership & Meeting Information
Frances Colonna   email

Show Chairman
Julie Lux  email

Reserved Grooming & Electrical Hookups
Dale Hunsbuger    email      816-916-8684

Vendor Arrangements
Dean Dickey  email

Reserved Motorhome Parking
Ron Lux email